Be Prepared for Snow and Ice in Evansville!

Snow & Ice Equipment to fit all your needs

Moving snow is about speed, efficiency, safety… and moving on. Be ready for the next snow event with the snowplows and spreaders that best suit your needs. Elpers knows that you need equipment that will last way more than one season. Let us help you pick out the right snowplows and spreaders that will keep your municipality running smoothly.

We can fit snowplows with lots of options including:

  • High strength steel base
  • Continuous welding eliminates rust areas & weak points
  • Easy on and off system for mounting flexibility
  • Rubber bumpers to cushion the plow when tripping
  • Engineering features to prevent blade twisting
  • Easy remote controls for lifting and side to side movement
  • Remote controlled movable wings to change plow angle
  • Optional blade wings
  • Optional back drag edge

Other snow and ice control equipment :
  • snowplows
  • hitches
  • wings
  • salt slurry generator
  • spreaders
  • anti-icing
  • prewetting
  • scrapers
  • combination bodies