Elpers is an MVP

Elpers Truck Equipment fully complies with the requirements setup by the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) to be listed as a memer of the MVP (Member Verification Program).

As a fleet manager, consider the following questions when selecting a supplier to fulfill your truck equipment needs:

  • Does the supplier comply with federal vehicle certification requirements?
  • Does the supplier provide a written warranty policy for the products it manufactures and distributes?
  • Does the supplier demonstrate a commitment to quality and the continued improvement of its business processes?
  • Does the supplier have the ability to survive product liability claims?

To help fleet managers and truck dealers easily identify suppliers and upfitters who have made this higher commitment to excellence, the NTEA introduced its Member Verification Program (MVP) in May of 2005. This Program recognizes truck equipment manufacturers and distributors who successfully document the implementation of specified business standards and processes and who demonstrate compliance with applicable government regulations. While the MVP is not a certification program, it does support the effective use of safety and quality standards.

What does NTEA require from its MVP members?

In order to achieve MVP recognition, truck equipment upfitters (distributors) must document that they meet the following required criteria*:

  • Register with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as a vehicle final manufacturer and modifier
  • Abide by all required vehicle certification procedures
  • Maintain product liability insurance ($1,000,000) or other financial responsibility for potential liabilities
  • Employ at least one technician or mechanic who is certified by a recognized certification program
  • In addition, one of the following two criteria must be met:
  • Maintain a written safety program
  • Uphold a minimum of four specified quality assurance processes or registered with a recognized quality system such as ISO 9000 or a Chassis Manufacture program.

* These requirements are effective as of July 1, 2008 for all new MVP applications and renewals.

MVP criteria are reviewed, scrutinized and strengthened on a regular basis. Every MVP member must document compliance with these upgraded criteria as their status comes up for renewal (every three years). This ensures MVP businesses continuously strive to maintain a commitment to professionalism, industry knowledge, and high performance standards.
In the work truck industry, MVP stands for excellence.

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