Also known as figure four cranes, folding cranes, scissor cranes, articulated cranes, or knuckleboom cranes, these cranes are built in sections and pivot at each section. Usually there are no winches or winch cables used in the lifting and moving process. This equates to quicker lifting and moving of materials (depending on your payload), saving both time and money.

Elpers uses the highest quality brand names for our knuckleboom cranes because we know that quality really matters when dealing with size of payloads that you deal with on a regular basis. Choosing engineered quality means fewer safety problems and less time spent on repairs.

Two features you want to look for in articulating cranes: (1) Their ability to easily load and unload materials, even when the work site is full of obstacles, and (2) their ability to stow within themselves, freeing up payload space for additional materials. Elper’s cranes have both.

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